Monday Really?!!


I know there are a lot of hotter places in the World and a lot of you who cope with the heat but in the UK we are not used to it and our homes don’t have AC units, just heating.  Today has been into the 90°F and our home is like an oven!!!!  I had a shower this morning and a shower just now and am no cooler!!!!!!!


The heat is definitely getting to me, I had to Google the last episode of a series I watch to find out actually what it was about!!!!!!!!  Fortunately there was an explanation there which at least I understood.  Oh good grief Charlie Brown!!!!!!


I am busy trying to pull things together for our vacation and Youngest arrived home at the weekend changed all his clothes and took more and went off to work and then stayed at his Girlfriend’s house. When I looked in his wash bin in was full!!!!!  I think sometimes I am running a Laundry!  DH was out on Saturday night so I decided to get through all the ironing and I now have another basket load!!!  I am leaving him instructions whilst we are away on how to use all the machines so he can do his own washing!!!!!


Treacle has been outside all day as she did the whole of the weekend.  She went to her Doctors on Saturday morning for her annual physical and injections.  Her Doctor thought she is doing very well for her age and does not look 10!!  Although her injections did make her a little bit sleepy!!!  As it has been so hot I have been giving her ice cubes to eat and she loves playing with them, I am not sure how much she actually gets as she takes them outside and I think they melt before she has any!!!! 

I hope you lovely lot have an amazing week, even if you are melting!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Monday Really?!!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    This seems to be a hot summer for lots of peeps but as hot as it’s been, your garden looks just glorious, Miss Susie! Have fun with your ice cubes, Treacle. I love scooting them around!

  2. farmquilter

    The heat is doing wonderful things to your garden, and I know you have been watering it like crazy! I actually got to umpire last night in a light rain – so refreshing but when the rain stopped, it was muggy!! That is something we are not used to here – humidity!! So glad you will be departing on vacation soon and hope Scotland is cooler, with perfect weather for your trip!

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