Very Hot Wednesday Wag!


I am so glad Mom got my hair cut very short in this heat!!! 


My tennis ball is on the steps but it is just too warm to bother with it.


I am being plagued by pesky flies but I am very quick and catch them if they are not fast enough!!


Even though it is hot can, I still have my biscuit please?


Snooze time.

I hope you are staying cool in this summer heat and have a very woofy week and weekend.

Woof, Treacle


3 thoughts on “Very Hot Wednesday Wag!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    I just love that first pic with your SuperDuper smile, Treacle☺ What a nice haircut you have! We got heavy rain last night, which brought the heat and humidity down. It’s nice here today with lots of cooling breezes. We’re sending you lots and lots of our cooling breezes!


  2. farmquilter

    Sharing your heat here, Treacle!! When mom takes me and my “guests” outside, we make it a quick trip to get back inside to the cool. The German Shepherd is black with long hair and the Chihuahua is white with really long hair, so I get off easier with my super short hair. Of course, in the winter in the snow they have it so much better!! Stay cool on those lovely floors, Tara


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