It is another scorcher with top temps of 27°C today, it really is lovely but obviously you have to be very careful in the sun.  Treacle is loving it but she is spending so much time outside that she is so, so tired.  In fact she has been in her basket this afternoon whilst I have been working to try and catch up on her sleep!!!



The sky is just so blue!


Obviously one of the things with this weather is making sure the plants have a good water every evening when the sun has gone down so they can survive and our grass is starting to look quite brown because of all the sun.  It is to remain like this until the end of the week and then perhaps some rain at the weekend, of course when everyone is home from work and school!!!


You can’t see the heat haze, but at 12.00 Noon it was so hot it was almost painful to look outside.


The door onto the patio.


Our plants are still doing okay with us watering each night before bed.


Our vegetable basket is doing okay as it does have a little shade.


Our table, chairs and bench under our umbrella so we are able to eat outside and also take our drinks outside!


“Sorry Mom did you say it was biscuit time?  I am so tired I really don’t know what to do with myself”!!!!!!

I am trying to keep our home cool and as you can see we have a tiled floor which stays cool and I open the windows first thing in the morning when it is cooler and keep our curtains and blinds shut all day and mostly it works but today the atmosphere is hot too.  I think we are all going to have a sticky night’s sleep!  Treacle kept getting up in the night last night and moving around trying to find a cool spot and then getting back in her basket which creaks!!!  So I kept waking up again!!!!  Oh boy!

I have not got any quilting done as I am waiting for DH’s help to sandwich and pin the two quilts, but I am going to start quilting our summer quilt.  It is quite big so it will take a while to get it done.

I did get all the ironing done yesterday before it got too hot which was a relief but I must have drunk a couple of gallons of water doing it, tee hee!!!!  Well certainly a lot of water.  I keep refreshing Treacle’s water bowls inside and out trying to keep her cool. 

DH is out most of this evening with meetings and Youngest is out too so I think it will definitely be a quilting evening.

I forgot to tell you about our weekend clear out of the garage.  The weather was good on Saturday so we decided to start at 11.00am with the garage and any rubbish was going in the back of DH’s truck.  It took us four hours to get that done but decided that we should carry on with our room off.  I ask DH to store things in the room for me and then it just gets to a point where I haven’t used them or needed them so they can go.  This room has shelves around it so we just started at the left hand side and worked our way round.  A lot of DH’s things just needed tidying and putting together in one place so it was a good opportunity to do this and also get rid of things too. 

After ten hours we had finished and DH’s truck was full! We did get it all done in one day and it looks great now and I can also find things rather than trying to search for stuff.  We took everything to the re-cycling centre on Sunday morning and it took us half an hour to empty the truck again!!!

One down and now just the attic to do!!!  Although this is going to take a lot longer because if the Boys are helping, and I am guilty of this too, getting distracted by what is coming out!!!!  We will have to do this job in September or October when it is a lot cooler than now as the attic is like an oven when the weather is this hot. 

I hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx

8 thoughts on “Heatwave.

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    Your patio looks so cool and refreshing even in the heat and your plants look beautiful, Miss Susie. We’ll be getting your superHot temps this weekend and into next week and we’re not looking forward to it. We have a beauty of a day today so we are sending you lots and lots of cooling breezes!

  2. farmquilter

    27 sounds lovely – 37 here yesterday and the same expected the rest of the week. Quite normal for us here as well as at home. It is currently 29 in the shade at noon…and will continue to heat up all afternoon, reaching its peak as I go out to umpire games tonight! Hope you all get through your warm up (tile floors are lovely for retaining cool). I really appreciate the central air conditioning here (don’t have that at home).

  3. Nancy Myers

    I found your blog via Val’s Tuesday Archives. Oh, I don’t like temperatures over 75 degrees F. I do hope you are able to keep cool as it looks so terribly hot where you are.

  4. Bridie

    Your garden is gorgeous, i’m very jealous. I’m completely failing to keep on top of mine with a newborn who lives in my arms. Oh well, it will be there next year when he’s old enough to toddle around while I garden.

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