Oh, It’s Monday Again!


We had a very busy weekend.  Youngest was here on Friday with his new Girlfriend who is very nice and she had dinner with us.  Saturday Eldest Girlfriend’s parents came for dinner and we had a lovely evening but a late one and then if was Father’s Day yesterday.  I seemed to spend the whole weekend cooking but we had a great time.

Friday night we ate in our kitchen to make it a little less formal but Saturday we were in our dining room as true to form the weather was dreadful so we couldn’t eat outside.


DH bought me some lovely flowers for the centre.

We had Sunday dinner yesterday of beef, DH’s favourite.  This morning I was running errands and I think the weekend has caught up with me!!!!  Not feeling the best but I still have lots of jobs to get done.  It is the year-end for our business at the end of May and I have got most of the jobs done, just now have to do month and year end on our accounts and then I can get everything sent off to the Accountants. 

Tomorrow I am having my hair cut and going out to lunch with Jayne for our Birthdays and then Wednesday I am not sure what I am doing, although my Jeep is going in for its MoT!!!!! Next weekend we have no plans so if the weather is kind we are going to empty our garage and our room off it and throw away anything which is not needed and tidy everything up and then put what is left back.  It’s a plan and it does need doing!!  It will give me chance to give it a good clean too.  


When the weather is nice Treacle spends all day outside and I only see her when she comes in looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner!!!!  This means that when she is in at night we don’t see her either as she is fast asleep in her basket or on the bed in the sewing room with me!!!  I think it must be all the fresh “Aire” she is having, tee hee.  I am trying to book her appointment at the Spa for her to be cut and timing it with her holiday at the beginning of August, although her coat has not grown a lot since her last Aire cut!  She also received mail the other day from her Doctors as her annual injections are due which should be done at the beginning of July.  DH will be taking her in for those.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and a great week.   I am going to be doing some sewing tonight and hopefully will be able to show you what I have been up to tomorrow.

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Oh, It’s Monday Again!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    The flowers on your table look so pretty, Miss Susie, and we can’t wait to see your latest sewing project! Bummer about your upcoming shots, Treacle. YUK!

  2. farmquilter

    You set such a pretty table, Susie – inside or outside, it is always beautiful! How fun to have the new girlfriend over and spend time getting to know her (casual is best for that!). With Eldest’s girlfriend’s parents…were you friends before they were a couple or not? (Do I sound like some tabloid here?)

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