We Made It To Friday!


Happy Friday Everyone, we made it!!  It has been a busy week during the day and getting my quilting done in the evening.  I am loving these long, light nights we have at the moment although next Thursday is the Longest Day and the nights will, little by little, start to pull in again!  Treacle wakes up with the birds in the morning, about 4.00am, and I have to encourage her to go back to bed as it is too early to get up!

Although this morning I was out and about early getting my errands done before it got busy and the grocery shopping too.  My first job when I got home was to brush madam! She was not very pleased, especially as I had called her in from the garden!


I was hoping that we could eat outside like last year as above for dinner tomorrow with Mel and Charles but apparently it is going to rain!!!  So I am going to have to use our dining room.  I am miffed after all the nice weather we have had but no it’s going to be raining!!  It is always the same when I plan something, good job I decided not to BBQ!!!


It’s Father’s Day on Sunday and we have a few little things for DH and I have bought the meat for his favourite dinner and the weather is supposed to be nice so we may get to eat outside then!!!

Before we know it, it will be Monday again!  Next week will be busy too as both DH and my cars need their MOT’s to be done and the following weekend, weather depending, we are going to get the garage and room emptied, sorted, tidied and get rid of anything we don’t need!!!  Well it’s a plan!

I hope, whatever you are up to, you lovely lot have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx

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  1. Molly the AireGirl

    Bummer about the rain for your Saturday dinner. Your table outside looks so beautiful and inviting! Happy Father’s Day to your dad, Treacle! I hope you get to taste some of his yummy foodables!

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