A Birthday Quilt!


It’s Jayne’s Birthday today and she got a quilted piece from me!  This lap quilt in shades of blue.  Over the years I have given her table runners and a bag and now this lap quilt so I joked that I will work my way round eventually to making her a bed quilt!!!  She loved it.


DH is helping by holding the quilt up and Treacle got in on the act too!


A closer look at the flowers.


The back is a faint blue stripe.

Whenever I take pictures of a finished quilt it is either late at night and I need to wrap it to give to the recipient or the weather is dreadful and I can’t take the pictures outside!!!  I have three on the go at the moment so I will try and plan to take the pictures outside and hopefully they will be better!!!

The pattern I used for this quilt is great as it goes together well and  I think looks great when it is finished and is my “Go To” pattern for baby quilts or when I need to make something quickly. 

I am a fan of blue and white quilts as I think they look very clean, similar to red and white quilts.  In fact I need to get some more bright white fabric as I seem to use quite a bit of it.

Sunday and last night I finished getting our friends’ 50th Wedding Anniversary quilt cut out and have started chain piecing the squares together.  I need to sandwich and pin the baby quilt so I can get that quilted and still need to quilt our summer quilt.  This Saturday is supposed to be a rainy day so will probably spend the day quilting.

Happy Birthday Jayne!

I hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx

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