Throwback Thursday today is from 2003 (OMG fifteen years ago!!).  This is another day when we were all out in the garden, DH and I actually gardening and the Boys playing.  We loved these types of weekends.  Youngest has a Christmas jumper on, he was always different!!!!!!!!!

Eldest is seven and Youngest is three in this picture.  Just out of shot on the top step is Kelly. 


Here she is sitting on the next step down!

I dropped the wedding present off at our friends home this evening and saw all the things ready for Saturday including quite a lot of alcohol!!!  The weather is set to be dry and warm with some sunshine later in the day.  We hope they have the most wonderful day.  It will no doubt be warm as we are at the swimming pool all day and it will be like a sauna!!!

I ran some other errands today as well having got my house jobs done first thing.  It was very warm today and it looks like it may thunder later!!!  I have more errands to run tomorrow and get my ironing done so everything is ready for the weekend.  I am quite pleased that I have managed to stay on top of work and things this week.  Should I get a gold star?!!!!!!!!!

Treacle has spent the day outside when I was at home but has been investigating where DH has dug over the area for the new plants which I knew she would. I just hope she does not start digging!!!!  The rose we have ordered is hopefully going to be delivered tomorrow so we will be able to get that in on Sunday.

I hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday.

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “#TBT.

  1. farmquilter

    Love the early picture of your family!! Time flies and they grow so fast. I hope the weather cooperates this weekend and Treacle can enjoy some time in the garden in the sun. Kelly is beautiful, just like Treacle. Big gold star for keeping up with everything!!


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