Tuesday Travels.


Normally I am busy working on a Tuesday but I had some errands to run so got out and about first thing.  Dry Cleaners done I set off to the garden centre to see if I could get the plants we need to fill the gap we created.  What a disappointment they only had one that we had picked!  We have had to buy the rose direct from the growers so that will take five days to arrive and no one seems to have the Rhododendrons in at all!!!  I think we may have to re-think what we are going to put there.


DH got home early so he decided to clear the soil where we are going to put the new plants as there was still some roots etc left over from the forsythia.  That was a lot of hard work as they were very deep-rooted but he got it done and we put in the only plant the garden centre had:


This will sit in front of the rose when it arrives.

I am hoping that Treacle will leave it alone until it gets a good grounding!!!

DH is at the NEC in Birmingham all week at an exhibition with one of the company’s we work with until Thursday and then Saturday is the second of the swimming club’s Opens.  This is for the younger swimmers so although it is a long day it is great fun and less intense than our Open in January when it is the older swimmers who are all about their times!

I have work to do tomorrow as it is our Year End for the business so lots of paperwork to be done and then Thursday will be house jobs and then more errands to run on Friday.  Our friends’ daughter, who used to babysit the Boys and who is expecting, is getting married on Saturday so I also have their present to deliver on Friday.

I hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    So frustrating when you do your research, select what you want, only to not have it all available! Perhaps Birmingham would have a garden center that has the Rhododendrons for you…could hubby check whilst he is there?

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