What a Weekend.


What a great wedding and although we were only invited via the media I think we all enjoyed it.  I loved her dress, I thought it suited her (please mind the pun!!!!) down to the ground.  I am sure that there will be a little one on the way before long.


On Friday after running errands I went to our local garden centre for a couple of plants and some other bits.  As you can see from the sky it was so hot the sky is just a very pale blue.


I also went up to our local farm shop, Croots, where they have horses and sheep.  Here is the new foal who is a month old now.  It was so warm he was asleep!


The lambs are growing fast and were busy grazing despite the heat.


This is the view from the farm shop across the valley.  It really was a beautiful Spring day.


In between watching the wedding DH and I managed to get a few jobs done in the garden, although it was too hot at the top of the day to be outside. 


The furniture came out and the umbrella, after a good clean we set it up on the patio.


I got some more seeds put in the my grow house and gave it a tidy.


I emptied the pots and put new compost in and planted the summer bedding flowers.  They will take a little while to fill out but will look good soon.


DH tidied this corner next to the shed and wall and put some new gravel down.  It is where we store the compost and sticks and the watering can.  We found the frog hiding behind the compost bag but he moved to behind the vegetable planter.


This pot has sweet pea seeds in and will hopefully get going soon.


Here is my vegetable planter with a couple of tomato plants in and some cucumbers and lettuce and also some herb seeds.  It will be interesting to see what comes up.  All a little bit of trial and error at the moment. 

It is a lovely warm day again today and the sun is shining, unfortunately I have a basket of ironing to do as well (!) having finished my work this morning.  One benefit of becoming a new Duchess is that Megan will never have to clean or iron ever again unless she wants to!!  

Tonight I will be working on my super secret quilt.  My machine came back from its service and it was all okay just needed a lot of clearing out of bits of cotton and fluff.  I have been told I need to bring it in sooner rather than later next time!  Oops!!!


Don’t forget to take my picture Mom.  (I love this picture as we have an Airedale shadow!!!)

Have a Great Monday and fabulous Week.

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “What a Weekend.

  1. farmquilter

    I really don’t care for yard work, except I do enjoy mowing the lawn – weird, I know! When I have planted a garden at the farm, I planted my cucumber plants about 3 feet from each other as they tend to spread out so much. I wonder if they could be trained to climb a trellis and eliminate the need for so much space? I have about a 3,000 square foot garden at the farm that hasn’t been planted in probably 5 years, so the soil should be really rich (horse manure, straight from the barnyard yearly) and ready to go when I get to move back home. Nothing like using your own fresh herbs and vegetables! Glad you had a productive weekend…I must get myself to the grocery store this morning!!

  2. Molly the AireGirl

    We wanted to see the wedding so bad but it wasn’t meant to be. Mom is hoping we might find a repeat of it somewhere on TV in the near future. We have missed you and your mom so much, Treacle! We are finally back up and running but we are so far behind!
    Your plants looks so beautiful!

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