I should have saved the wedding pictures from the other day for #TBT especially as we are now only two days away from the Wedding of the Year.  I do feel sorry for anyone else getting married this weekend, as their big day will sort of fade a little into the background.

It was definitely a benefit for DH and I getting married in November that we had no problem with venues/flowers/cakes etc as the usual wedding season had ended.  In fact for our wedding breakfast we actually had Christmas Dinner!!!!  The Queen got married on November 20th so we are in good company there for an Autumn wedding.

DH and I were lucky with the weather too as it was a very cold frosty morning but very bright sunshine and we married at 11.00am and arrived at the hotel for lunch at 1.00pm.  After all the speeches, the cutting of the cake and pictures we left for Honeymoon that evening to the Lake District.


We stayed in the Northern Lakes where it is a little quieter.


This is Grasmere one of our favourite villages to visit.

Royal Wedding

Every hour we seem to be getting updates regarding the wedding and there must be a different programme every day looking at the wedding and the past Royal weddings which is great re-living them.  I had just started work when Diana Spencer married Prince Charles and we got a day off work so we could watch it on TV.  I remember it was a Wednesday and my Mom, Grandmother and I had “Sunday” lunch and watched the whole day on BBC1.

I was just 17 when Diana got married and really related to her as she was only three year’s older than I and I just loved her dress and flowers.  It was very 1980’s New Romantics style.


When William and Catherine married in 2011 I was 47 with two Boys of my own aged 11 and 15 and we were all on holiday in Scotland for the Easter break.  In fact we were staying in a castle and I spent the day watching the wedding, whilst DH and the Boys were outside!!!  The only problem with having Boys is that they are not interested at all in the wedding dress and flowers etc!!!!!


This is Foulis Castle where we stayed and in fact The Queen Mother was a regular guest.


This is where I watched the wedding from.


After the wedding and dinner the weather was so nice we went out and played baseball in the grounds. 


I am looking forward to Saturday and am recording it as well as watching, although I do think it will be an entirely different wedding to all those that have gone before because it is Prince Harry and he is definitely his own person.  The weather so far is supposed to be good.

Happy Thursday Everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

3 thoughts on “#TBT.

  1. farmquilter

    I know that everywhere I look, there are stories on the royal wedding. At least I don’t have to go to work the next morning after staying up all night to watch the wedding!! What a lovely place to vacation…I just adore the English countryside and small villages. London and Birmingham were not my cup of tea at all. I could spend years going through all the villages in the UK! Is the tradition in England the same as it is here in the US that the parents of the bride pay for the wedding and the groom’s family pays for the rehearsal dinner? Here now, more couples are paying for their weddings themselves, and that makes sense to me.

  2. Judy

    I am planning to watch on BBC America which starts everything at 1 a.m. here. I am not sure yet if I will get up that early as it is 3 hours before the actual wedding. Just in case and also at the request of my husband I have the DVR set up for 5 hours of broadcast so he can watch later and I can watch anything I miss in case I can’t crawl out of bed by 1 a.m.

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