The Wednesday Wag.


Although Mom thought I was hiding from her in this picture I wasn’t it was just a great place to keep an eye on her in the kitchen.  Especially if she went near my food cupboard, then I could be straight in and help!


The weather has been wonderful over the last few days and the door has been open all day and well into the evening so I have had time to run in and out whenever I wanted to.  But with all this fresh air and running around, I am so tired.  Mom has been working at her desk all day today so I have been snoozing in my basket, which you would never believe but Mom washed it!!!  As it was so sunny she left it outside to dry in the sunshine and it now creaks a lot more than it did!!!!


You are not taking another picture are you Mom?


I need a snooze I am so tired.


I am going to ignore you now and go back to sleep!


Fooled you Mom, where is my lunchtime biscuit please?

Woof Treacle

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