May! Where did you appear from!


Happy May Day everyone, but oh boy this month has snuck up on me!!  Probably as I was out of action for six weeks earlier in the year has meant that this month has seemed to have come round really fast!!!

I thought we would stay on the quilting roll this week and show you a few things I have finished and a few things I was gifted that I forgot to show you.  A very good friend that I met through my blog sent me this at Christmas and I feel awful I forgot to show you, but I started using it immediately  and it is great as a key ring and I use it on my bag.


When our German visitors came they also gave me these below :


I am so lucky and I now have three key rings of different sizes for all my bags.  Thank you so much Ladies, I love them.

Here are some pictures of my completed UFO’s which I finally got all the bindings sewn down.


This was my Autumn wall hanging which the cotton I had been using decided to be all mangled!!  I finally got it all unpicked and then finished quilting it and got the binding sewn on.  I can’t wait to put this up in September.


I had this lovely Christmas panel for ages and decided to add a Christmas material border to it and then I can put this up as a Christmas wall hanging.  I think I will need to make one for Spring and one for Summer and I can change them as the Seasons turn!


Finally the Mystery Quilt which I made from the pattern from my Quilt Group.  This is where the flying geese are all different sizes (!) and although I loved the colours when I chose them, DH said when it was finished it was too old-fashioned (!)  I got it quilted and the binding done and will keep hold of it and donate it to a good cause when something comes up. 


I still have two Christmas candle mats to finish sewing the binding on and the two baby blocks to stuff and sew up.  I then have to sandwich my summer quilt, pin it and quilt it but before that I have my super secret quilt to get cut and done.  However I think before I do my summer quilt I will get my machine serviced. 

I have two baby quilts to do, another quilt to make where the material is very like the French General colours and some Christmas things to get done.  It is going to be very busy in the sewing room but I love it. 

Although it is cold today the sun came out!  We knew it was up there somewhere, we just hadn’t seen it in a while!!!  Anyway someone found the sunshine!!!


Oh to be my dog, lounging around in the sunshine all day!!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

3 thoughts on “May! Where did you appear from!

  1. Quilting Tangent

    Pretty projects, you know you have to make spring and summer!

  2. farmquilter

    You have been busy playing with lots of pretty fabric!! Enjoy the sunshine and I hope warmer weather is coming for both of us!! Love your wall hangings and making 4 of them will be a perfect way to have a rotating quilt display!

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