The Wednesday Wag.


It has been a typical April day today with sunshine as above and then


We have managed to avoid the rain mostly, but I will be glad when May is here and hopefully it will go back to the nice warm weather when I can have the back door open all day so I can run in and out when I want!!!


Of course the rainy weather gives me the opportunity to snuggle with Mom on the bed!


Has it stopped raining yet Mom?


Mom took this picture the other day in our neighbour’s garden, their Magnolia tree which flowered over the nice days we had last week.  The flowers did not last long and are now dropping quickly as the leaves start to appear.  Mom says that her Granddad had a tree like this in his garden and he tended it every year and it looked like this and it stood on its own in its own bed. 

I hope you are having a very Woofy Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag.

  1. farmquilter

    You would love the weather here, Treacle – it is supposed to be 82 today with blue skies and occasional white fluffy clouds! Of course, living where there is usually 7-10 inches of precipitation all year and the sun shines bright about 300 days a year, we just have to deal with this abundance of sunny days! But, I think the grass is browner here than where you are – all that rain does make for green grass. Since I hate going out in the rain, I’ll take the browner grass so I’m happy outside. Soon you will be happy with sunny days!! That Magnolia tree is stunning…I don’t think they even grow here.

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