The Wednesday Wag.


To be quite honest I don’t know if I am coming or going with all this weather.  We had some snow again the other morning, just  a light sprinkling but snow all the same and I am so glad that Mom has not taken me for an AireCut as it has been very cold over the last few days.  Everybody keeps saying it is Spring but it sure doesn’t feel like it.

Mom says everyone needs to know about this who have dogs, so she has put it here:

There have been quite a few news items on the radio about alabama rot in dogs, as there have been a few cases in the UK and one near us in Derbyshire.  They think it is caused by walking through mud and appears as skin lesions on the dog’s legs, chest and abdomen if not caught very early it can then lead to other complications including renal failure.  They are advising everyone to wash and dry their dogs legs, chest and abdomen with warm water immediately returning from a walk if they have been through any mud and ensuring they are dried well and to inspect them regularly.  Any signs of lesions then to go to your vets immediately. 

I am okay as I hate walking through anything wet and really don’t like mud or any bits of water but Mom says she is keeping an eye on me anyway.


It’s raining again here today so I don’t even like going out to do what is necessary I am quite happy in my basket whilst Mom is busy working.  We are supposed to get some better weather at the weekend but we are not holding our breath!!!!

I hope you are having a happy Woofy Wednesday and the weather is better where yo are.



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  1. farmquilter

    I’m with you, Treacle, mud and water are things I hate to walk though! Of course, when mom turns on the sprinkler system I’m happy to bark and bite at the sprinkler heads that pop up and soak me! I’m just defending my space! Sunny here now but mom says that we are to get an inch of rain on Friday/Saturday, so you know I’ll be hanging out in my bed wrapped in my blanket. Have a good week and I hope the visitors bring you a treat! Tara

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