Our Media Are Hysterical!


I honestly don’t know what some of the modern day Reporters in this country would have done if they had been alive during WWII!  There are hysterical headlines on our newspapers today of this DREADFUL STORM HEADING OUR WAY!!!!  IT’S COMING FROM RUSSIA, TEMPERATURES WILL FALL DRAMTICALLY, GET HOME BEFORE 6.00PM!  SAVE YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………

For the real news; temperatures may drop to -5 and we may get some snow which may cause a little difficulty during travel.  I mean really!  If they actually lived in Russia or any of the Nordic countries which experience temperatures of today at -14 in Russia and -17 in Tuktoyatuck, Canada then I can imagine all this hysteria and by Friday it will be back to normal temperatures of 1°C.  I think they all need to get a grip!!!


Here is a little Spring picture to cheer everyone up!

Obviously because of my limitations at the moment I have not been out and about or doing a lot so I don’t have a very interesting post today!!!  My Quilting Planning was for some very good friends of ours, Anne & Chris, who are celebrating their Ruby wedding at the beginning of April and although they have requested no gifts I would like to make them something small.  When they were first married they spent a few years in Canada for business so thought it would be an idea to add a maple leaf block to a table runner.  They love their garden so can add a block with flowers on and then I thought I could add quite a bit of red in as it is Ruby. Chris also keeps bees so that would be a thing to incorporate and they are both involved with the Canal Trust so am looking how I can add that.   I am having fun looking at blocks to get this done and also the material I have in my stash. 


Treacle is very much enjoying that I am in bed a bit longer than normal in the morning and snuggling!!!  She is getting used to my crutches which she was a bit scared of at first but she does not like the house being upside down as it is not “normal” and she does not like things when they are not normal!!!  Eldest and Girlfriend came yesterday so she loved seeing them and of course DH and Youngest got back so that was all okay with her World.   She is definitely hoping it will snow a lot so she is able to be out in it playing!!!!  She could really do with an AireCut but I am holding off until the weather gets better otherwise she will be freezing.

I hope everyone is having a Good Monday.

Hugs, Susie xx


2 thoughts on “Our Media Are Hysterical!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    Our weather pees like to go over the top too and scare us all to death and then in the end, it’s never as bad as they predicted. I hope you get your fun snow to romp and play in, Treacle!

  2. farmquilter

    Your -5 is about our 25…no big deal! I have experienced -18 F both in Reno and Odessa. Cold but not that horrible. When I moved up to Washington, we unloaded the moving truck in -5 F with snow on the ground…no one died! There are weeks in Washington where our high will be about 10 F…why are they getting their knickers in a knot?? If it were -89.2 C, like it was in Antarctica, I could understand…or even -30 C…but do you have central heating?? I suppose if you didn’t it would make a difference. There are some places that do not have furnaces because they are never cold enough, so I understand that when the temps dip into the 50s F, people get concerned. I can’t wait to see the quilt you create. How about the canals being the sashing between the blocks and cornerstones could be the locks??

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