The Wednesday Wag & #TBT!

Although I am fine, yesterday was not such a good day so spent most of it in bed!!!  It was fine as DH and Youngest were out at one of the University’s for his interview and audition (he did well and now has a second offer!!!).  It was a quiet day and Treacle came to snuggle for a bit.


Today has been better with a couple of visitors and plenty of tea drunk! Also keeping on top of my work too which is a bonus.  My leg is fine but the muscles are sore which seems a strange way round as you would think the area would be sore but it isn’t!! 

Loch Ness

I am thinking forward to Spring and this #TBT picture is a spring day on Loch Ness when we were on holiday with The Boys.

Boys at Inverness Locks

Here are my two Boys taken on the same holiday in 2006, when they were 10 and 6, at the Caledonian Locks in Inverness.  Little pair of monkeys and they are just the same now they are 23 and 18!!!!  I love them to bits.

Tomorrow I have an appointment at the Doctors for a wound check and dressings to be changed 🙁 but not a lot else to do.  I am going to work out if I can sit in my sewing room so I am able to do a little quilting.  Keep you fingers crossed for me that I can.

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx


4 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag & #TBT!

  1. farmquilter

    It is usually the third day after surgery that is the hardest…not sure why! Your muscles have been sorely abused during the surgery…pulled and pushed this way and that to get at the bone. I don’t think they want to cut your muscles to get them out of the way!! I hope all went well at the doctor’s office today and that you are able to play with fabric a bit…good for your psyche, right?!

  2. Judy

    I have gotten a bit behind on reading my blogs (too much Olympic watching) so I am just finding out about your surgery now. So sorry to hear that you had to go through it but I am glad all is going well. Sounds like you are recovering nicely.

  3. Sis

    Fingers crossed for you post-op check-up. There’s nothing to soothe frazzled mind and body like a bit of sewing or quilting. Can you use your machine without having the foot pedal plugged in? if not perhaps you can find a hand sewing/quilting project to do. Those gorgeous Perlé cottons are ideal for cheering and hand quilting.

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