A Valentines Wednesday Wag!


Well it is something called Valentine’s Day today not that I know much about it!!!  There seems to be a lot of red things around and cards and flowers, but I don’t think I need to be doing anything about it!!!  Now what is that thing above my head in my picture?


Mom made pancakes last night.  She has a new batter bowl which she got for Christmas and it made making the pancakes really quick as she was able to pour the batter straight from the jug.  She loves the blue of the bowl, me not so much!


It has been doing this all day today so my trips outside have been extremely short but Mom has been on hand with a nice warm towel to dry me when I got in, it is also very cold today!!!  When Daddy left early this morning and I had been out I went straight back to bed and snuggled with Mom until she go up. 


I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Evening and much woofy love to all our Followers and Readers. 


2 thoughts on “A Valentines Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    I love your batter bowl! I have one at the farm that has a crack in it, so I bought one here that will replace it when I move back home! But I think I like yours better! It says “England” on it! Since we had snow on Monday and the temps struggle to get to 40, I feel for you, Treacle! Especially since the wind has come up today and I have to umpire tonight to let the married ump take his wife out to dinner for Valentine’s Day! I’ll be wearing many pairs long underwear…lots of layers to take the place of your beautiful fur!! Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Miss Treacle and Miss Susie!!

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