Groundhog Day!


Well Punxsutawney Phil came out of his burrow and saw his shadow so we will have six more weeks of winter!  Bummer!  Well Phil may be right as they are forecasting snow for us this week which is very unusal for the UK in February.  Some people in the UK have daffodils (a harbinger of Spring in the UK) flowering already, but mine are only just poking their noses out of the soil but we are in The Midlands and it is a bit colder here.  Nevertheless we can curl up on the sofa as they are showing the film “Groundhog Day” on TV which is always fun.

retro-1291608_1920.jpgYesterday I made the fatal mistake of sitting down at my desk to do a bit of work and was still there are 5.00pm instead of getting my house jobs done, which now falls to today to do.  We are out this evening at the business meal and hopefully tomorrow I can get some quilting done. 


Talking of quilting I have had several run-ins with flying geese where they have all turned out the wrong size despite being cut the right size!!!  Anyho my friend Susan sent me a link to a quilting tutorial of how to make it easy to make flying geese and also a Sew A Long, the link is here


Picture from The Amish Country Quilts (

I definitely need this and will try and keep up with the sew a long and thank you Susan for helping to try and make my flying geese fly straight!!!!  Don’t you find that you always have a quilting block that everyone else finds a breeze and you don’t?  I need to sort this out especially if I want to make a sampler quilt and so far the flying geese block is the only one I seem to not be able to get right. 


I am hoping to get three more of my UFO’s finished this weekend and if I can get my summer quilt sandwiched and pinned and start the quilting on that as well I will be well on my way to start my new projects. 


Speaking of UFO’s the new series of The X-Files begins in the UK on Monday, yeah!  Can’t wait as this is my most favourite of TV shows ever but I am sorry that there will be no more series with Gillian Andrerson.  In fact I don’t think the show will work without her and although I have not seen the new series yet this should be the final one.  I will let you know what I think about it when I have seen the series.

Whatever everyone is up to this weekend I hope you have a great one and if winter is still with you, stay warm and have a great one.

Hugs, Susie xx


Treacle has her whole weekend planned already, eating and sleeping with a little light exercise in between, but mainly eating and sleeping!!!

3 thoughts on “Groundhog Day!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    Mom and I just got back from our walk with wind chills and boy, was it ever cold out! She said she didn’t mind because she needed that walk after watching 50 Shades of Grey. This is the first time she’s ever seen the movie and she’s never read the book. Wow – what a surprise for mom!
    She loves the quilt block that looks like spools of thread. It’s always been a favorite of hers. We hope the snow doesn’t ruin any pretty blooms for you, Miss Susie!

  2. Denise

    I hope you’ll join my quilt along. There are several newbies to paper piecing joining in and I think you will find pp flying geese so much more fun and accurate. My favorite method for making them is the one seam flying geese. You could easily add them to a sampler. Good luck on your journey and again, I hope you will join along.

  3. farmquilter

    My Hand Quilt Along geese were all made with the one-seam flying geese method from Ricky Tims and I love them. I haven’t tried the paper pieced flying geese, but since I like paper piecing, I’m game to try a new method. A bit more waste with paper piecing, but for perfection, it works! I guess I like thinking backwards!!! We have had temps in the mid 60s this week…not much winter here at all, especially when compared to the cold, snowy winter we had last year!! Stay warm, my friend!!

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