The Days are blending into one!


I can’t tell you what day of the week it is, the days are all blending into one round of sick people coughing and spluttering everywhere with no end in sight.  DH kept Treacle and I awake all of last night and Youngest joined in from his bedroom as well.  It is amazing what is on TV at 2.00, 3.00 and 4.00am!!!!  I was only watching TV as I had tried to read my book but that didn’t work.  I got my Autumn wall hanging binding to finish but could not concentrate on that!!!  Nothing we have tried has helped DH’s cough so it is just down to plenty of fluid.  Me you ask?  I am still wheezing but have not got what these two have fortunately although I just feel exhausted from it all.


Treacle is not getting much sleep at night, so making up for it in the day!


The weather was not good all weekend and as everyone was feeling yuck I decided that there was no point trying to get any extra jobs done round the house which we would normally be doing, so DH was doing bits and bobs of work, Youngest was in bed with Treacle and I decided that the only thing I could do was some quilting!!!!

I managed to get some clothes repairs done which needed doing and some other bits of sewing done which are not quilting and managed to get that cleared.  I sorted out the rest of my UFO’s with backing materials that needed cutting and just now have to pin them and get them quilted, so things are at least progressing there.


I also need to tidy my stash as I have been busy pulling things out and they have got in a mess so that will be another little job but at the moment the sewing room is very tidy. I find if I do a bit of tidying after each time I have been in there it does not mount up.  I cannot wait to start my new projects but am determined to get these UFO’s done first and then get my machine serviced before I start anything else.  Well that’s the plan. 

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Friday of this week is Groundhog Day when Punxsutawney Phil decides if we are going to get another six weeks of winter or an early Spring.  Normally I don’t mind what, but I think this year I would like an early Spring!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

3 thoughts on “The Days are blending into one!

  1. farmquilter

    Oh, Susie, what misery at your house!! Yeah, middle of the night TV is different…so many infomercials that at the beginning either look like a show or just a regular commercial, until you realize that after 15 minutes they are selling something! I can usually find old shows from 30-40 years ago, sometimes even in black and white! Hope you all get back to normal soon and that we have an early spring!!!

  2. Sis

    Hi, Can I suggest a good rub of Vicks Vaporub on DH throat and chest before bedtime. It has worked wonders on my whole family for years ever since my girls were young (it worked when I was a kid too) and they have introduced partners to the treatment who despite being very heretic about it both have come back for further rubbing when the next cold has appeared. Both DH and I had what you are going through over Christmas and New Year and went through half a tub of the stuff between us but we both slept remarkably well.
    Hope you all get well soon. Hugs to Treacle

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