Good Morning Monday.


Well I am happy after the weekend, not so much all the paperwork there is to do at my desk and the call from our Accountants, but we can’t have it all!

Anyway ignorning business I quilted all weekend with the occasional interruption of DH and Youngest coming back to change clothes and get food before going out again!  I managed to get Evalyn’s quilt finished and the binding sewn on and now just have to hand sew it to the back of the quilt and it is done.  I haven’t taken any pictures of that yet until it is completely done and washed.

I did get one job done from my UFO’s.  The cushion covers for our hallway. 


I change them every season, so have just taken the Christmas ones off and I needed some Winter ones and I have always loved the red and white quilts so thought this would be a great idea for this time of year, especially with my previous post of red pops around our home to make it feel less wintry.  I loved the way they turned out.


So I have not got a set for Spring so dug in my stash and found this yellow little flower material and some yellow gingham and a little white and made these.  I already have a set for Summer which have pink sweet peas on and for Autumn I have material with pumpkins on, so now have a set for the whole year.

I then started to work on Treacle’s bag so she can take her things with her on holiday but only got the material out when DH and Youngest arrived back for dinner.


We had a problem with the radiator in Youngest’s room so had to switch the heating off.  Fortunately it was not too cold but cold enough for Treacle to not be happy and settle, so I dug out her old t-shirt, which was DH’s, and put that on her to keep her warm and she was then settled.  


It wasn’t too warm in Eldest’s room either so this was Saturday when she was keeping me company.


This was Sunday.  She was very happy with the blanket over her and spent both days with me in the sewing room asleep.  She only stirred for snacks and a quick trip outside into the garden.  The weather all weekend was really yucky so it was a great for quilting.  Next weekend DH is busy again on Saturday so I intend on spending the day quilting again.  So far I am keeping up with my goal of doing some quilting each week!

I hope you all had a great weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Good Morning Monday.

  1. farmquilter

    Love your cushion covers!! Congrats on completing Evalyn’s quilt…you can do the hand finishing of the binding whilst watching TV in the evenings with DH. I can’t wait to see it! I love my quilt from you and it still retains the wonderful smell of your home!! Honestly, I’ll be sad when I can’t smell that any more!!! Have a wonderful week with no more business/accountant demands!

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