New Year Aspirations.


As you know New Year is not my favourite bit of the whole Christmas celebrations, Monday morning ish and all that but it is inevitable.  Over the years I have made resolutions which of course I keep for about a week and then completely forget about them as life takes over, so last year decided on a goal which seemed a little better.  My goal was to do some quilting everyday which worked out okay during the winter months but come spring and summer didn’t always happen.  So this year I am modifying it to do some quilting every week in the hope that I can get something done each week.


  I am still trying to get my UFO’s finished and that will also be my aim this year along with making a scrap quilt for myself.  I also have another smaller quilt to make but I can’t say too much about that just yet.  I can now show you pictures of the Christmas presents I made as they have had them and loved them.

Two years ago DH’s Aunt passed away who we used to see a lot and who the Boys knew as Grandma.  Her three daughters, Kathryn, Judy and Elaine all looked after her and they always called her Flo.  When I was making Evalyn’s new quilt I bought a lot of fat quarters in different colours and styles and you will see why when I show you that but I realised that two of the fabrics, made by Lewis & Irene, were called “Flo’s Little Flowers” so I just had to make them Table Runners made of these fabrics.


One of the runners


All three


The back


A close up of the block


A close up of the back


All three together again.

They loved them and I am very pleased how they turned out.  The green square you will see from the close up of the block is daffodils which were Auntie Margaret’s favourite flower and we had them at her funeral. 

Talking of Evalyn’s quilt, it is now sandwiched and pinned so I just now need to start quilting it, but as it is twin size it will take a while to get it done on my machine but I am hoping to start it today and get it done by the end of next week.  Goal 1!

I also have on my sidebar Mr Happy from the “Mr Men” and “Happy is my Deafult setting for 2017”.  When I look back 2017 was not the best of years for various reasons and my hope is 2018 is going to be better but that’s the thing you just don’t know so we can only go forward with hope, so this year my setting is “Hopeful and Happy for 2018”.  I saw a very good article written by Sir Richard Branson about his tips for happiness in 2018, you can find it here

I hope everyone has a good year, now off to do some sewing.

Hugs, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Love your table runners!! You did a great job on them and I’m sure that Flo’s daughters will treasure them forever! Setting goals is better than resolutions and sewing once a week is an attainable goal, even in the spring and summer.

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