Frantic Friday!

I have had a frantic week to be quite honest but today has been particularly busy.  Not only is is Youngest’s 18th Party tomorrow evening it is also a very good friends actual Birthday tomorrow and then Girlfriend’s Dad is celebrating his 50th on November 30th.  So a good friend of ours has made Youngest’s cake as her gift to him (I will show you pictures next week) but I decided that the other two had to have cakes as well.  So I have spent today sorting them out!!!  They are both drying at the moment but again I will show you pictures when they are done.


I finished all my house jobs yesterday and made dinner before I spent three hours at swimming giving out the Advent Calendars to the young swimmers!  We didn’t get home until 10.00pm and then had dinner.  So I hadn’t touched my computer for a few hours and when I did I found that the screen resolution has become huge.  It amazes me how my computer manages to do things without me doing anything to it!!  DH, my IT guy, had a quick look but it is not obvious what is wrong, however I do know that there was a Microsoft Windows update this week and it seems that whenever that happens it messes up all my settings, grr!!

I also received our first Christmas card in the post this morning (!) however it is from friends who don’t have a lot else to do so I can forgive them for sending that out in November!!!  On the way home the other evening from the funeral we saw several houses with Christmas lights up.

Sunday we are getting the other house jobs done in preparation for our decorations going up the following weekend when it is actually Youngest’s 18th Birthday!  Tonight is the Lights switch on in the village and last night and for the next few nights it is going to be very cold and frosty although I love this weather and hopefully it will kill off all the coughs and colds everyone seems to have, I am trying to avoid them so I don’t get sick at Christmas.


Treacle decided to come back to bed this morning after DH and Youngest went out at 6.00am, but as I have spent the day in the kitchen she has been “helping” me with clearning up anything that has dropped!!!  This means she has not slept all day so she will definitely be tired tonight.  She was not impressed when we let her out last thing last night when it was very cold.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, Winter is Coming!!!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx



3 thoughts on “Frantic Friday!

  1. farmquilter

    Yeah, winter is coming, but yesterday it was 73 and today it is to be 65…but there’s a storm coming in on Sunday night with snow. I’m planning on getting the outside lights up today while it is still a comfortable temperature…they are checked and ready to go (sitting on the organ bench, waiting for me). For some dumb reason I woke up at 4 this morning even though I wasn’t planning on doing any Black Friday shopping – way too crazy!! Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the parties!!

  2. Judy

    We are having problems with that computer update also as are other people. I was able to make my screen smaller but the desktop icons are still wonky and we can’t put the computer to sleep immediately when logging off. Very frustrating to not have things working as they were before.

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