Christmas Planner Day Five.

Here is Day Five of the Christmas Planner and we have reached Christmas Week.  Usually, even with the planner and all the organisational skills, I have shouted that “its all not worth it for three days”!!!!  But I defy any Mom/Wife/Partner/Girlfriend who runs Christmas to say that they have not uttered these very words at least once in the run up!!!!  I think we all end up tired with all the events, childrens’ things, parties as well as work and all the normal things which have to be done too.  Add in all the coughs, colds and worse that go round at this time of year and you end up in a state.

I can honestly say I don’t have an answer for this, except make sure you are getting your vitamins, take time even if it is only five minutes to decompress each day and delegate some of those jobs.  Difficult if the children are little but your Dear Husbands can be dragooned into helping or a very good friend.  A job shared is a job halved!

Christmas Planner 2017 5

Our weekend was, as you know, swimming, swimming and Remembrance Day.  The little ones had their Championships on Friday evening and they did great.  We had a few tears and a couple of children who flatly refused to swim but the rest did and they got trophies for the top three and all the rest got medals so they went home happy.  Saturday night it was the turn of the older ones in the Arena League and our Club were hosting.  The pool we were at was extremely warm which is great for the swimmers in costumes but for the rest of us we about melted.  However It did not stop our Club from winning!!!  The final round is on December 9th but we do not know where as yet!

DH and Youngest were helping at the Remembrance Day service in Alfreton but I stayed home.  It was very cold but sunny and it did not rain this year which always helps.  I watched the service on TV at the Cenotaph in London.

One of my jobs this week is to wrap 68 chocolate Advent Calendars for the swimmers aged 5 to 8 in the Club for their Christmas gift.  We usually hold a party and my other organiser decided after last year we should try and do something different.  We looked at taking them to the Pantomime but it was too complicated to organise, then we thought about a splash party for them but we couldn’t do that for health and safety reasons so, having run out of time, we have bought them Advent Calendars instead!

I have a busy week with work this week and the weekend is another swimming and swimming weekend!!!  I will also be writing the Christmas cards this weekend too.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a good week to come.

Hugs, Susie xx


This is how I felt this morning!!!!!!

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