Christmas 2017 Planner!

Christmas is coming, whether we like it or not and as promised here is a Christmas Planner which I use every year.   It is slightly late as I had trouble uploading it (!) but with the help of DH it was now worked.  However you are still in time to do the things listed.  Each day this week I will be adding another page of the planner, which will take you up to The Day and I hope you enjoy it and find some of it helpful.  I had fun  putting it together.

Christmas Planner 2017 1

We had another lovely day yesterday when DH, Eldest, Girlfriend and I had Sunday Lunch at Hassop Hall.  Both Sundays we have been out the weather has been lovely and sunny if cold and the meal was great, it was lovely to relax and do nothing else!  We did joke as to where we are going next Sunday for lunch but it is Remembrance Sunday so DH and Youngest are out helping at the local service.  We also have the small pool swimmers championships on Friday evening for our Club and then we are hosting the Arena League swim meet on Saturday evening, so normal service resumes!!!!

I went to see the Boys Godmother today as it is her Birthday and she wanted to arrange for us to see them before Christmas and we have one Saturday left, the 16th, so we got it in the diaries quickly before it got booked up!!!  It is very nice to be busy but it is also very nice to stop sometimes!!!

The nights are drawing in really fast now and it is starting to get dark by 4.30pm here and when it is it seems so much later.  We were coming home from our lunch yesterday and it was 5.00pm and fully dark and it felt like 9.00pm!!! 

Treacle managed okay over the weekend with all the fireworks going off and slept most of this morning.  I have booked her Christmas haircut for November 30th as her coat seems not to have grown a lot since we had her cut in the summer.  I am really pleased as I am ticking jobs off my list at a rapid rate. 


I hope you all had a lovely Weekend. 

Hugs, Susie xx




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