It’s Starting!


Yep I popped into the card store today for some Birthday cards and there were the Christmas cards!!!!  It’s only just September for goodness sake!

However I have also noticed on Pinterest that suddenly there are a lot of pins appearing with Christmas things in them.  Now I know if you are making things for Christmas you need to be getting on with them but things to buy in the shops don’t need to be out this early.  DH and I went to Vienna on our 15th Wedding Anniversary (which is November 12th) and they were only just getting their Christmas things out then.  Here they had been out since the middle of September!!!!


Jayne and I had a lovely lunch at Croots Farm Shop in Duffield which is the next village to where we live.  We got caught up on each other’s news and hearing about her new job which begins at the end of September.  We usually go Christmas shopping together (see the link?!!!!) in November so we will have to arrange it for one of her day’s off. 


As it is Thursday I cannot resist a #TBT picture of The Boys on Christmas morning 2007 so ten years ago.  The furry face which can just be seen is our Airedale Kelly, Eldest’s dog.  At this time of year, as the Boys had gone back to school, I would start booking all the things for Christmas like the visit to Santa on the local Steam Train and arranging to get the Christmas Tree and ordering any specific Christmas gifts which you knew would either be difficult to get or would sell out.  So I suppose I am as much at fault as the stores for starting Christmas in September!!!!  I do miss this though especially now as it is quite boring getting their gifts now they are all grown up, either clothes or money!!! 

Oh hell I will just admit it I LOVE CHRISTMAS, but I do love all the things which happen in between now and Christmas and during Autumn so I have to make sure I don’t miss those things in the headlong rush to Christmas.

Happy Thursday everyone, it’s almost Friday.

Hugs, Susie xx


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