Pets On Quilts 2017!


The day has finally arrived for the start of this year’s Pets on Quilts show, organised by the lovely Snoodles at Lily Pad Quilting (  Follow the link to her site where the entries will be.

Of course Treacle had to get in on the act as we have, occasionally, missed the show but not this year.

Here is our entry into the “Dog on Quilt” Category for you to hopefully vote for us!


Here she is lying on Youngest’s Quilt which I have just finished!!! Talk about timing!!!  Of course one picture is never good enough so here are a couple of others.


Youngest was assisting with the pictures getting Treacle to look at the camera, but of course she was looking at him instead.


Of course it is all too much eventually and you just have to lie down.  I am sure all these super models are the same you know, three pictures then they have to lie down!!!!!!


Here is a full length picture of Youngest’s quilt.

The party is open for ten days and then Snoodles will do a post about how to vote.  We thank you in advance if you vote for Treacle, we do very much appreciate it.  Have a lovely time looking round at all the other entrants and thank you to Snoodles for arranging this great event each year and to all the sponsors who have donated prizes.

Hugs, Susie & Treacle xx

12 thoughts on “Pets On Quilts 2017!

  1. Heide

    Oh My gosh….I love him! What great photo with the bandanna (Your side bar) too! Got to go take my furry boy for a walk, he is backing at the neighbors again!

  2. farmquilter

    Of course we voted for Treacle…took us a bit to figure out how to actually vote!!! Cheers, Treacle!!!

  3. Dana Gaffney

    Treacle is wonderful! Of course he isn’t going to pose pretty for pictures, the ones with so much personality never do. Good luck.

  4. Ruth

    Looked very comfy lying on the quilt! One year we managed to get a tail on a quilt – that was it, despite lots of treats!

  5. Michele T

    Treacle is a handsome feller and looks at home on your quilt…. or his quilt!! Lol

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