The Wednesday Wag!


I have been sunning myself outside yesterday but this morning it was heavy rain so I have been keeping Mom company in the Den.  She is keeping a close eye on me so I don’t lick my paw!!!


Mom also tidied Eldest’s room at the weekend, well her sewing room for the time being and put Eldest’s quilt on his bed.  This is the end where I sleep when she is in here sewing and I really like the new quilt, it is lovely and warm and squishy!  Mom was too slow to get a picture of me on it!!!!


Well I have been to the Vets several times in the last two weeks so I bet it is time for me to go to the Hairdressers!!!  Mom has actually booked it for two weeks time, which she says will make sure my paw is all healed and just before we go away on vacation. 


Hope you are having a Wonderful Woofy Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    What a beautiful comfy cozy spot for you to hang out, Treacle! Eldest’s quilt is so pretty! What a great picture of you in your basket☺ I hope the sun shines for you tomorrow!

  2. farmquilter

    I know you loved snoozing in the sun without your cone on!! Hope you have sun tomorrow and don’t lick your paw! I can tell you were on the quilt…it has comfort wrinkles!! Love Tara

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