Vet Visit!

We were at the Vets again this morning for a quick check on Treacle’s leg!  She is doing fine although the Vet wants to leave the stitches in for another few days and she is back again on Saturday, hopefully they will be taken out by then.


This is the fed up look!  Having already spent a week in the hood, or megaphone or parabolic mike, whatever you want to call it!!!!  She would definitely be attacking her stitches if she did not have this on her head!


Of course it does not stop you from playing ball!!!  I will say though the bruises on my legs are starting to appear where she crashes into me, as she forgets she has got the hood on!!!

It has been lovely and sunny and warm today but we can’t have the doors open as Treacle is not allowed outside on her own!  Tomorrow they have forecast rain but hopefully getting better towards the weekend again!  I have been sat at my desk all day working but am keeping up to date which is great.  I just need to keep up to date with house jobs and I will definitely be on top of everything!!!!!! 

I hope you are having a thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Vet Visit!

  1. farmquilter

    Poor Treacle and definitely poor Susie!! Susie, you definitely are getting most of the wounds from Treacle wearing her cone…they really haven’t a clue how far out it extends beyond their head! Glad Treacle is healing nicely, but it would have been nicer to get the stitches out and the cone off!!! It really stinks that you can’t have the door open with the weather being so beautiful out – this is when a Dutch door would be wonderful. It comes off in 5 days…you can do anything for 5 days, right?

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