One Of Those Days!

I had one of thoses “Ladies Appointments” today which happens every three years!!!!  I always dread it and can’t wait to get it over with!!!  Oh boy!!!  Of course because I was worrying about that all day I ended up with a headache!!!!

Last night for Carnival it was the Fun Dog Show and Junior Football and they both went well and yes the weather was okay if a little cool but that was good for all concerned.  Tonight is the Village Treasure Hunt and Senior Football but it is due to rain a little later. 


I was channel surfing the other day whilst ironing (!) and found this show!  I have heard of it but never watched it and got hooked!!!!  I love seeing all the different dresses and the Brides expectations and the poor staff who try and make it happen.  I know it is mindless TV but it is great for doing a basket of irong to.


As you can see Treacle is very busy today catching up on her sleep which she missed last week when it was so hot!!!!! 


I just love her grin whilst she is fast asleep!!!!

Happy Summer Day

Hugs, Susie x


2 thoughts on “One Of Those Days!

  1. farmquilter

    Isn’t it funny how we can actually worry ourselves sick over something that MAY happen? What does all that worry do for us but ruin today for us? I consciously try to practice not borrowing tomorrow’s troubles…amazing how much nicer everything is for me that way. Glad it cooled off a little and that the dog show and junior football went off well. Oh, looks like you found one of my favorite shows!! Love to see the dresses and I use that fact that I have 6 girls to excuse watching it!! I can quilt quite nicely to it as it doesn’t require much attention and since only 3 girls are married, I just may be asked for my input on the next wedding dress…but none that are as expensive as the ones on the show! Treacle looks so adorable snoozing the day away!

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