Throwback Thursday Again and I thought I would do a little series of pictures, which I don’t think I have posted before, of our trips to the US.  They were great holidays and we loved every minute of them and the weather was amazing.


DH and The Boys at Discovery Cove, how blue is that sky?


Ignore the red eye of both Boys, my camera at the time did not have the corrective software!  They loved meeting the Disney Characters.


Main Street of The Magic Kingdom and it really is Magic.  It was just getting dark and the lights were just appearing.


NASA was a “Must Visit” and if you have never been and can go, do it really is amazing.


My favourite Disney character of all time, Pluto.


DH and The Boys at Epcot.

Eldest was twelve and Youngest was eight and it really was a great family holiday.

Today has again been sunny and warm and not too hot but the weekend, when we are in a steamy swimming pool centre all day Saturday and Sunday when we are indoors again for DH to hand over as President of the swimming asssociation, the temperatures are going to be getting into the 90°F!!!!!!  Just typical and no there isn’t any air conditioning in either of the buildings!  I think I will be melting into little puddles, 🙂

I hope you had a Thrilling Thursday.

Hugs, Susie x


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  1. farmquilter

    Love your pictures! You had more fun assembling your pictures then I did with my Thursday…my computer died so I had to go buy a new one! My old one was only 3, so I was quite unhappy with it! I keep hoping the prices will drop, but they seem to just be going up…I have to work over 90 games to pay for the stupid laptop (at about 20 a week, it’s gonna take a while). Family vacations are certainly one of the most wonderful memories we take from childhood and from our children’s childhood.

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