We actually saw the sun for a few hours today, before it started raining again!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So as it is Throw Back Thursday I thought I would show you some pictures taken on our trips to Orlando Florida, where the sun shone every day and it was lovely and warm and oh my do I wish I was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Castle, I love it, ever since I was a little girl and watching Walt Disney movies and the Castle used to be at the start.

Of course TBT would not be the same without a picture of our Boys.  I love this picture of the two of them and DH has it on his side of the bed – the Boys and a pickup truck!

This was at the villa we were staying in and I just managed to get both of them underwater when I took the picture.  I have this on my phone during the summer as a screen saver.  You can tell they are water babies or as is the case now water men!!!!!!

I hope your weather is better than ours at the moment.  I have house jobs and grocery shopping tomorrow and a huge basket of ironing but I am trying to get it all finished so on Saturday I can play with fabric!!!  Quilting of course.  Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie x

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