It has been doing this all day today!  Treacle has not been a happy bunny at all and to add insult to injury she had to go to the vets this morning.  She had a little pimple on the inside of her front left leg and yesterday I checked it and it was a little bigger so off to the vets we went. 

She’s fine!  The vet thinks that she may have caught her leg and it has raised a lump or they can get little lumps like this and then they disappear after a few weeks.  It is not hurting her, it is definitely on her skin and it is not hot but we are to keep an eye on it and go back if anything changes.  She has to go back at the beginning of July for her annual check up and jabs and the vet will check it again then if it has not disappeared!  Just what we needed on Monday morning.

I shared some pictures of the Boys yesterday and of course they managed to get one with me in!  You can see why when DH, Eldest and Youngest are at home I feel like I am walking through a forest of trees!!!!  They are all six feet one inch tall and I am only five feet four inches tall so really do notice it, especially when they are all in the kitchen.  Add Treacle into the mix and sometimes when I am cooking they are all scooted out as I cannot move!!!!!

After Treacle’s adventures this morning and her lunch she has been asleep in her basket all afternoon by my desk whilst I have been working.  It doesn’t take a lot for her to burrow into her bed for the day.  We did spend most of yesterday in the garden again and DH and I managed to get a lot done with more trimming and sorting out.  Another weekend and we should be finished, until the Autumn when we can trim some of the bushes that cannot be done until then. 

I hope you ll had a lovely weekend.

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Rain!

  1. farmquilter

    Oh, Tara would hate that rain!! It has been cloudy, windy and cool here…tomorrow they predict rain, but we’ll see. Glad Treacle is all right – going to the vet isn’t fun for them. Youngest looks like he needs to be measured again (he looks taller than Eldest!). Great family picture!!!

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