The Wednesday Wag!

It was my birthday last week but as everyone was out and about we celebrated on Saturday.  Eldest came to see me on Friday evening and on Saturday morning Youngest brought me a treat from a certain food chain with a golden “M”, after he had been coaching swimming for two hours.

It was yummy.  Dad was also on the track for a good football for me for outside in the garden but he could not find a suitable one, so he is going to keep searching.  I love my tennis balls but a football is better for outside as I loose the tennis balls in the undergrowth!!!  I will show you my new football when I get it.

I got Birthday wishes and a lovely picture from Molly and her Mom, thanks you guys.

The weather is getting better and warmer so Mom is letting me stay out in the garden all day with the door open so I can come and go whilst she is working at her desk.  Roll on Summer!

Woof, Treacle

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