Monday and the Dentist!!!!!

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Oh good grief its Monday again!!  It sure comes round too fast!  I did get Eldest’s quilt finished and just now have to sew the binding on to the back!  Yeah put the flags out!!!!!!  He has managed to get himself to the Outward Bound Centre in Ulverston, Lake District but we won’t hear from him for the rest of the week as they are not allowed their phones!!!  I know he is Twenty One but I still worry about him. 

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To add to the Monday blues I had to go to the Dentist today!!!  It was only the six month checkup and I did say to him not to find anything wrong and he was good as his word and didn’t.  I then had them cleaned and polished and I was out!!!! Yes!  I hate going to the dentist (lets face it we all probably do) but I am so scared of not going that I go!!!!

The weather has been yuck over the weekend but this week it is due to get colder again!!!  But still no snow!!!!  Treacle is sulking!  I am going to go out and buy her some new tennis balls to cheer her up by the weekend. 

Next Saturday we are out at some friends for dinner and can’t wait as we have not been out for ages and have not seen them for a while so it will be great fun. 

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and will have a great week.

Hugs, Susie x

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2 thoughts on “Monday and the Dentist!!!!!

  1. farmquilter

    Yay for you with getting Eldest’s quilt to the finishing stage!!! By the time I get to the binding, I am so over most quilts…and it doesn’t help that I hate the hand work required to get the most perfect finish! Can’t wait to see it!!! I took my dad to the dentist on Monday as well…for his scheduled cleaning!! For some weird reason I really like going to the dentist!! Considering how much money I have spent over the years on my teeth, it’s a good thing I really like my dentists (both in Nevada and in Washington)…I even have their home/mobile phone numbers 🙂 Last year when I was in Hawaii visiting Daughter #2, I had to call my Washington dentist and get a prescription for antibiotics and back when I lived in Nevada I had to call my dentist at home both on Thanksgiving day and Christmas Day…high-maintenance patient here!! So glad you had a much better report than my dad did!! More rain in the forecast here…Tara so hates going out in it!!!

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