Blue Monday? No Happy Monday!

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The Daily Telegraph says today is Blue Monday.  This is because that Christmas was three weeks ago, everyone is waiting for payday and they have been back at work and the bills are starting to arrive. 

However I feel that if you look at it this way you are setting yourself up to be blue.  So Happy Monday everyone!

We got jobs done on Saturday and then Sunday I did some quilting!!!!!  I know shock, a quilting blog with some quilting on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

img_0417I have been quilting Eldest’s quilt and have been carrying on with that.  It takes a lot to do this as it is a single quilt but longer so a little between a single and a double but I have been managing, but it does make my arms ache after a while.

img_0416Treacle loves it now that I have made a space for her and she can be found in this spot even when I am not in the room!

img_0430I think the thing I miss most about Christmas when it has ended are the lights.  I love the fairy lights and because they now have lots of white lights I decided to keep this set out and put them in my sewing room along the shelves.  I think they look very pretty and I love the warmth they give to the room. 


img_0432Treacle is now tired of me taking pictures so is snoozing!

img_0427Do you ever have a good hair day?  I don’t very often but today it looked okay.  Tomorrow it will be dreadful but I thought a picture was worth taking!  Good bathroom shot!!!!!!!!


Here is our handsome Eldest at the weekend.  They were out celebrating Girlfriend’s nephew’s 18th Birthday.

I have a basket of ironing to do tonight but tomorrow evening I am hoping to get some more quilting done. 

I hope you are having a Happy Monday.

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Blue Monday? No Happy Monday!

  1. Molly and Mackie

    Eldest’s quilt is coming along beautifully and we love the one you’re going to make for Evalyn! Mom still has 3 small Christmas trees up (no ornies) and a lit wreath on the inside of the back door. She can’t bear the nights without the cheerful lights! What a great picture of you, Miss Susie!

  2. farmquilter

    Love the “good-hair-day” picture!!! I totally get the fact that you have to snag those pictures when you can because there is no guarantee!! My hair is down to the middle of my back and I’m wondering if I should cut it or just keep letting it grow!! Love the Eldest’s quilt – I can’t quilt on a sewing machine to save my life! I miss the Christmas lights and think you have the right idea of letting them illuminate your quilting space. Oh Treacle, just like Tara…on the pillow whenever possible!!!

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