The Wednesday Wag!

img_0391I have been catching up on my sleep while Mom has been catching up on work.  We had a great holiday but Youngest is now back at college so I am feeling a little lonely!

img_0393Here I am with my new toys which Santa brought for me.  They both squeak which I love although Mom says they are a little noisy when she is on the phone!!!

img_0395I have been keeping up with my Aire-yoga and I call this stretch position number 5.  It is great for keeping your legs supple!!!!!

img_0397These are the yummy treats I also got from Santa.  They are organic with a little bit of icing on the end and some carrot pieces.  They are delicious!

img_0399Mom giving me my lunchtime biscuit!

img_0400 img_0401

I haven’t been completely quiet all day I have been on patrol in my garden and I saw the pesky squirrel, although he cannot get all the bird food now as Dad has some new feeders which are squirrel proof, but I still need to bark at him when he comes by!

Tonight and tomorrow I am going to have cold paws again as it is going to be freezing but then get a little warmer at the weekend, we are sure having some funny weather at the moment. 

I hope everyone had a lovely Woofy Christmas and New Year and Santa brought you all the gifts you liked.


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