Throwback Thursday!


The Boys with Santa.  We always took them to see Santa at Great Central Railway near Loughborough.  They loved the steam trains, you got to go on the train for the length of the line, which is double tracked and takes about an hour there and an hour back.  This picture was taken in 2005 and Eldest was ten and Youngest six.


As they got older we used to have lunch on the train and see Santa as well.  Theses two pictures were taken five years later in 2010.  I really miss taking them to see Santa, DH and I loved it as much as they did!!!!

Work is slowing down now as quite a few of the companies we work with have now broken up for the Christmas holidays but the traffic is still horrendous as the shoppers are out and about.  Once we have finished shopping tomorrow that will be it we won’t be going anywhere near any shops until well into next week and then only if I must!!!!  We have a few fun things planned for the holidays with the Boys and Treacle and of course Youngest will be out and about practicing driving with his Dad!

Christmas is coming together in our home and I should have everything ready by Christmas Eve but if if isn’t well it won’t matter.  I am trying for the laid back approach this year (am I convincing you yet?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Tonight I have a basket of ironing to get done and the final bits of wrapping. 

I hope all your plans are coming along well.

Christmas Hugs,

Susie x

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday!

  1. farmquilter

    Relax and enjoy the day!!! If you have forgotten something, five years from now you either won’t remember or can look back and laugh at it! It is going to be a very quiet Christmas day here with just my dad, Tara and me…my daughter and her husband will be over on Tuesday to celebrate Christmas with us. Rather glad I’m not home as poor hubby is sick with the flu – he is actually having to take time off work (and that rarely happens!). I wish I could coddle him but I certainly don’t want to share it with him. Hope he gets better soon because his daughter is getting married on Tuesday the 27th!!

  2. farmquilter

    I also miss taking the girls to see Santa…how did they grow up so fast??? Merry Christmas!!!

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