I Give Up!

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It was inevitable!  DH had been out with one of his work colleagues who had a bad cold and so he got it!  I was doing okay I had managed to avoid lots of people coughing and spluttering and sneezing everywhere but no!  I have the cold now!!!!  And also it is all in my head!!!  I don’t have a runny nose or a cough but I sound like I am speaking from the bottom of a very deep well!  In fact Treacle would not come near me today as I don’t sound like me!!!!!

Image result for busy workSince last week and the Election over the pond and the World did not end (!) work has gone mad!  This happened in June with our Referendum and the World did not end then!  Hopefully now we will be able to have a few months of steady work and not this feast and famine every month!!!!!  Universe are you listening?

Tomorrow evening we have the Young Swimmers for their Christmas party and it will be two hours of absolute, full on, non stop organised chaos!!!!!!!!  By the time it ends at 9.00pm we will be in a corner exhausted!!!!  The children will have a blast though!

Image result for christmas wallpaperSaturday we are Christmas Shopping!  I don’t care what happens between now and then we are shopping!!!!!!  Unfortunately the Christmas lights won’t be lit by then as the switch on is not until the following week but the stores are all looking very Christmasy!!!!!

I hope your Thursday is going well! 

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “I Give Up!

  1. farmquilter

    So sorry to hear that you are sick!! Colds are no fun at all! And they seem to always appear just when we are the busiest!! Chaos!! Get through Saturday night, then spend Sunday curled up with a quilt and a cuppa! Take some zinc and get well soon, my friend!

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