The Wednesday Wag!

DSC05226Ode To The Biscuit Tin

Your colour is teal but there are no feathers on you, You’re big and round which sure is true,

Filled with delights of a biscuit or two!

Dad dips in often and so does Youngest, but Mom stays away except when she is hungriest!

I sometimes am allowed a broken one or two, but Mom says if I get fat I will be blue!

Christmas is coming and I need to write to Santa, for something I really, really need

This year its not tennis balls or beds or collars, which I would really, really like?

Opposable Thumbs!!!!!

However Mom says if I did get opposable thumbs she would be setting me to work and then I could have a biscuit or two as payment!!!!!!  I don’t know if I like the sound of that!!!!  I think I will stick to my special Bonio Biscuits, at least they are all mine and the Hoomans don’t want to eat them!!!!!

Have a Woofy Wednesday




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