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Bugbear Number 1.  As the nights are drawing in and driving around a lot more with car lights on you come across cyclists who are dressed all in black with no reflective wear and no lights on their bikes!!!!!  Really?

Bugbear Number 2.  When out and about the last few weeks, I have had to run some errands and the car park I park in has six floors and despite arriving at 8.00am I have been on the fifth floor every time, with ten flights of stairs to get down to the bottom!!!!! Really?  What time does everyone else get there?

Bugbear Number 3.  That all my favourite TV shows are finishing and several new shows which have started recently are either boring (Westworld), weird (Hunters), or stressful (Exorcist)!  Really?  I watch TV with one eye whilst getting through the mountains of ironing so I am now going to have to find other things but it is slim pickins!!!!!!

Bugbear Number 4.  Hormonal teenagers!!!!!!!!

We have had another hectic week but it is going to be like this from now until Christmas!!! But I am trying to remember to stop and smell the roses too otherwise I seem to end up rushing from one thing to next and missing things!!!!!  Well its a plan!!

I hope your Thursday is going well!!!  Its Friday tomorrow!!!!!  But of course before we look it will be Monday again!!!!!

Autumn Hugs, Susie xx

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Who doesn’t love a Disney Halloween!!

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  1. farmquilter

    #1 – in my opinion, they are volunteering to be organ donors. #2 – they got there 15 minutes before you did :o). #3 – yep, that’s why there are re-runs of the oldies-but-goodies on many cable/satellite stations, so boring and weird don’t have to turn my brain to mush!! Dreary, rainy Thursday here…we’ve gotten between 1-2 inches of rain since the weekend and it is still coming down!! Our wonderful clay soil doesn’t absorb it very well and the fans are going in the basement as the water shows up down there! Makes me glad I’m heading to my quilt guild’s retreat on Sunday for 5 days/4 nights!!! Bliss!!!

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