Tuesday Thunking!

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I found myself today trying to sort out the many, many jobs, activities, and necessary things which need doing in the next few months, especially in the run up to Christmas and I got to be like Winnie The Pooh so raveled up, I just didn’t accomplish anything!  Do you get days like that?

Anyhoo I am going to have to get out my notepad and start making lists again, it seems, to me, to be the only way I can keep things straight at the moment.  The action of writing the jobs down seems to clear the buffer in my brain so that I can then move forward.

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More and more Christmas things are appearing (!) including an advert for Christmas 24 on the Movie channel on TV.  I was only half listening when it came on and they said only two weeks to go to Christmas!  What!  Have I been asleep for ten weeks and suddenly it’s Christmas?  No it is two weeks until they start showing Christmas movies twenty four hours a day for eight weeks!!!!!  Good grief Charlie Brown!!!! You just can’t avoid being swept up in the whole merchandising of it!!!!!

The more I see and hear about it, the more I want to stick my head in the sand to pretend it’s not happening.  There was a great quote on the TV show “The Middle” where Frankie was doing Christmas and she said “Christmas is like giving birth, you don’t remember the pain, so you can do it all again next time”!!!!! and she is so right! 

Treacle is in hibernation mode today as it is cold and very windy!  Alright for some!!!!!


She does occasionally move, mainly for food or when I insist that she needs a turn around the garden.

How is your Tuesday?

Hugs, Susie x

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