It’s Friday Folks! Really?

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Yes, end of the week again and these weeks are flying by and I can’t keep pretending that Christmas is months ahead!  Every day you see another little reminder that that time of the year is fast approaching!  Youngest and I were driving home last night and he spotted some Christmas lights in a house!!!!????  Really this early?  Then the local farm shop sent out an email about getting ready for Christmas!  All the restaurants and pubs are promoting Christmas meals and the magazines are running articles about how to be fit and fab for the big day!  Really?


I remember when I was small and Christmas was done by my Mom and Grandma and they didn’t start even thinking about it until end of November, although my Grandmother had made the Christmas cakes and puddings before then, but that was all.  Now Christmas seems to last from the 1st of September until the beginning of December and then it is into the Sales.  Really?

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Youngest has his first “Extra” acting part on Sunday (!) and this guy is in it!  I don’t know whether he will be there on Sunday but Youngest is really excited.  DH is playing taxi driver for the day, so the jobs which I have been trying to get finished for the past oh five weeks are going to be needed to be done on Saturday and of course Saturday night is a swimming competition (!) Really?

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I am hoping to get lots done on the sewing front, well that’s the plan, especially as they are out on Sunday. Really?

dsc02480Treacle is hoping that all the jobs don’t take too long and we won’t forget her lunchtime biscuit! Really?

Definition :

“Really” – “in actual fact, as opposed to what is said or imagined to be true or possible”

Hmm don’t think Really is the right word, now Maybe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you have a Fantastic Friday and a great Autumn Weekend.  Here the weather is supposed to be a little warmer again so Maybe we will get the last of the gardening jobs done too!!!!  Yeah right!!!!

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    Lots of high winds (up to 110 MPH on the mountain peaks here) and rain both here and at home. Four fires in the area started yesterday…one has burned 19 homes!! Poor people…the homes were built on the mountain side with lots of pines trees surrounding them (translation: very expensive real estate and homes). No way firefighters could save them. Praying all the people and livestock got out before the fire got there. Looking forward to a quiet weekend of sewing here!!!

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