It’s Monday Again!

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How does Monday come round so fast?  Yes it was a busy weekend again filled mainly with swimming

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Here is a picture of Goose Fair but as you can see from the colour of the sky the weather was not kind.  We drove over and the rain got heavier by each mile until it was pouring and none of us wanted to walk around in that!  So we drove round the site and saw the lights and heard all the sounds and saw lots and lots of wet people and then drove home to our fish and chip supper!

Saturday was the first Club Championships and Youngest did well with two firsts, one second and a third place so he was happy.  We had a few technical issues with the timing equipment (I swear electronic things are stalking me at the moment!) but we eventually got it sorted although I almost had an argument with one of the other helpers but the less said about that the better!!!! 


This morning Youngest was up again early to do a 1500m swim and he did okay although he is now very tired.  DH this afternoon, in his capacity as President of DASA, was at a Civic Reception where Adam Peaty was given the Freedom of the City for his gold medal winning performance in Rio at the Olympics.  Here is DH ready to go with his Chain of office.

This week is busy with work as well as trying to get house jobs done and I am still trying to get quilts finished, so I am going to try and plan to sit down for an hour a day and do something so I am able to get them done.  Well that’s the plan, I will let you know how I get on!!!!!!

I hope you had a lovely weekend.  It’s been cold here again so I think now the boiler is fixed the heating will be going on!

Hugs, Susie x


3 thoughts on “It’s Monday Again!

  1. farmquilter

    Stay warm and get those quilts finished so they can help with that!! So glad Youngest did well and DH looks so smart with his Chain of Office! Don’t forget to breathe and do take the time every afternoon to have a lovely cuppa and biscuits!!

  2. farmquilter

    Oh, I wanted to ask you…do you make your own fish and chips?? If you do, can you tell me how you do the fish? LOVED the fish and chips when I was in England, but I can’t get the breading to stay on or taste the same 🙂 Maybe I’m using the wrong fish or breading, but I’m sure you can set me right!

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