Are We There Yet?

I am playing taxi driver this week as Youngest is doing his Level 2 Teaching Aquatics course and because Derbyshire are having a problem with the local pools the course is being run in Litchfield.  Now from where we live to get there is approximately three quarters of an hour and on Saturday DH and I went off to find out where the leisure centre was so I knew for Monday morning, when Youngest had to be there for 8.30am. 

Monday morning we set off at 7.30am and got to within ten miles when the traffic was at a full stop!  Saturday night/Sunday morning they had put  over five miles of roadworks up, but there were no signs to say they were doing this on Saturday!!!!!!  We made it in time, just, but it was very close.  So having spoken to DH at work he told me of a back route to get home avoiding the traffic, which I used last night and this morning.  It takes well over an hour to get there now but with no traffic hold ups, but it is all country lanes!!!  I clocked the mileage today and it is forty miles so I am doing 160 miles a day!!!!!!!    Youngest is really enjoying the course, so that is all that counts.

In other news (!) I managed with DH’s help to get Eldest’s/the Sewing room cleaned from top to bottom and it looks wonderful now.  I still have some sewing to do which I am hoping to get done later this week.   I also have some extra housework to do before we go away on vacation.  Eldest and Girlfriend are looking after the home while we are away so I am getting things sorted before then.  Can’t wait to go away!!!!!

IMG_0073Treacle is misbehaving and has now decided to eat the fuschia flowers!!!  She has been told off and sent to her basket and is now looking very sorry for herself!!!!

At the end of August Eldest celebrates his 21st Birthday and we get back from vacation on the Saturday, so he has decided he wants to go out on his actual Birthday, which is the Monday, for dinner.  We have booked a table at The Bulls Head, Repton for eleven of us and I am glad that is another thing ticked off my To Do List!!!!

I have a basket of ironing to get done before I go and collect Youngest and then take him straight to swimming. 

I hope your Tuesday is going well

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. Molly and Mackie

    Do the fuchsia flowers have a strawberry taste, Treacle?! Better leave them alone, huh. We can only imagine how superpsyched your mom is getting for her vacation☺

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