The Wednesday Wag!

I have had a very busy week so far!  There are some workmen at the top of the road where we live and I have taken it upon myself to make sure that they know that I am around!!!!!!

Today the dreaded bin men came today and they made a lot of noise!  Mom has been really busy over the last few days as Dad has been away in a place called Germany so she has not been sleeping well and so decided to not get up as early today.  The bin men came early and were banging the bins around as well as the noise from the truck!!!!!  I shouted at them to stop but they didn’t take any notice!!!!!

Yesterday I went to my Doctors for my annual check up and booster injections and Youngest came with me.  My Doctor was very pleased with how I had been since my tooth operation and pronounced me fit and well.  I was a little sleepy most of the day.


Tomorrow I am off to the Spa for a day of pampering.  My chauffeur and her assistant have to be up early tomorrow so I can have my breakfast before we are off and I won’t be home until after lunch, when I will expect my biscuit!  It is great having staff!!!!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful Summer Woofy Wednesday


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