Carnival last year.

It’s Carnival in the Village this week!  It began on Sunday with the Crowning of the Carnival Queen and a picnic in the park.  Fortunately the weather was good and only rained after it was all finished!  Last night was the Dog Show and I got to go and watch the evening and all the doggies, having handed over to Sam who has taken over the organisation.  It was a great evening and I really enjoyed watching it all.

Tonight is the walking Treasure Hunt around the village and yes you guessed it, its pouring with rain.  The British are always laughed at because we talk about our weather a lot and in depth too but it is only because it is so temperamental and when you are trying to organise outdoor events it is an impossibility!!!!!  

Tomorrow they have forecast torrential rain and it is supposed to be the Duck Race with DH commentating and Youngest stood in the brook either launching the ducks or catching them.  However they had a look this evening and the water is too high (because of all the rain!) and it is running too fast and very cold.  So at the moment it looks like we will be postponing it and running it on another day when there is a little less water and warmer!

The teenagers are doing the Wild Wet and Wacky games on Thursday evening and then Friday is getting the park ready for the Big Day on Saturday.  At the moment it has sunshine and showers forecast on Saturday so we shall see. 

I have got things ready for my stall and I will show you some pictures later in the week and on Saturday of how it looks.  Oh boy!!!!

I hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday

Hugs, Susie x

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