Its Friday!

Yep its Friday again!  Youngest has done his last exam out of the twenty two he took!!!!! Yeah!!!!!  We went out for lunch to celebrate and it was great.

He then came with me to get a couple of things for my stall.  This :


I wanted to have some flowers on the stall to add to the colour but not real ones because if they get knocked over I don’t want water everywhere, so silk ones.  I love the summer colours.


I am also going to, a week before, set up the table to see how it all fits and works and then I will be able to show you what it looks like.  Still busy quilting things and have made a Baby Quilt to sell.  I also want to make one other quilt but I am going to display a couple of quilts I have made but obviously they won’t be for sale.  Getting quite excited about it.

Tomorrow I have house jobs to do and some grocery shopping and then in the evening we are all helping at one of our junior swimming competitions.  Sunday DH takes over as President of Derbyshire ASA and Youngest and I are going to see him installed.  Hopefully I will be able to get some quilting done in between all this.

I hope you all have a lovely sunny summer weekend.

Hugs, Susie x

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