The Wednesday Wag!

IMG_20160509_190144The weather has been lovely so I have been spending lots of time outside in my garden!  I have been investigating all of it and have also been doing some digging (Dad doesn’t know yet!!!)  but all this fresh air makes me so tired!!!

IMG_20160509_190013Youngest was warm, having spent a lot of time in his room revising so got a choc ice from the freezer.  Can I have some please?

IMG_20160509_190026It smells so good!


I did get a little piece and it was yummy!

Mom has been very busy with work and quite stressed and I have been spending time in my basket next to her desk trying to help!  Although I didn’t help at dinner last night as I was sick!  Dad was away so Mom and Youngest sorted me out and then I was not allowed to sleep in Youngest’s room so Mom had to put up with me and I kept getting up and turning round and going to sleep again so Mom kept waking up!  I think I am in trouble!!!!!

Tomorrow the weather is going to be warm and sunny again, it rained yesterday and today for a while, so I will be out on patrol again.  The pesky squirrel has not been seen for a while, I wonder why?

Woof, Treacle

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