I have been busy with help!

DSC05173Do you remember this?  This is Eldest’s bed in his room I am using as my sewing room.  Well after we got back from vacation it was getting on my nerves that it was so messy.  So I started to do some tidying but what you can’t see is four long click boxes full of my stash as well, which were on the floor so I needed DH to help move things.  This weekend was D-Day!!!

DSC05238 DSC05237So my stash is now all tidy and sorted and the boxes are tidy now with one box having just my scraps in it.  The two roles of wadding are for the Boys quilts.

DSC05239My sewing area is now much tidier as well

DSC05241Now I feel so much better having got it sorted and feel I can sit down and get lots done. 

DSC05240This is a quick sneak of my Quilt Commission for DH’s cousin.  As you can see it is all pinned and waiting to be quilted, which I am hoping to do one evening this week.  Tonight I have a basket of ironing to do, jobs before pleasure.

DSC05232 DH Managed to get the lawn cut at the weekend but was delayed by Treacle who wanted to play ball.

DSC05231You can’t see me hiding can you?

DSC05230DH retrieving the ball where he had kicked it!!!!!

We are definitely in April as we are getting lots of sunshine and showers and it was even snowing earlier!  However all the hedges, trees and bushes are looking wonderfully green and new.


The tulips are blooming nicely


The Primula has bloomed although something has had a go at it!


My Christmas Rose is still blooming nicely

DSC05234The Vinca Major has just come out.

Treacle will be a little late with her Wednesday Wag tomorrow as she is off to the Spa for a lovely bath and clip after her adventures last week!  She is doing fine and eating well, no worse for having had her procedure.

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “I have been busy with help!

  1. farmquilter

    Wow, your sewing room looks so neat now! I should take pictures of all my sewing/quilting/fabric storage areas, but I would be embarrassed to show them off! Of course, one of my sewing machines is now taking up my dad’s dining room table, but a cutting mat at one end, so my quilting room is a little less occupied! Your flowers are looking awesome – my lilac bushes (purple and white) are blooming like crazy – the smell is wonderful and I should get pictures before the predicted thunderstorm rolls through on Friday and ruins the blooms. So glad Treacle is doing so wonderful after her surgery!!

  2. Molly

    Your sewing room looks beautiful and I love the colors of the quilt in progress! Your flowers are just beautiful, Miss Susie! Have a relaxing spa day, Treacle!

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