What A Great Weekend!

Saturday was busy for all of us with swimming and jobs and more swimming but at least we all got up to date with things.  Sunday Youngest got to use one of his Christmas Gifts, a 4×4 experience at Mercedes World at Brooklands Racing Circuit!

DSC05221I took pictures of the start of the 4×4 with his camera but didn’t with mine!  Afterwards we toured the museum and also all the new Mercedes for sale!  No we didn’t buy anything!!!  He had a great day, in fact we all did as Eldest and Girlfriend came down too. 

DSC05214The Mercedes F1 car exploded!


DSC05219Mika Hakkinen’s Mclaren, powered by Mercedes

DSC05218Lewis Hamilton’s F1 Mercedes

DSC05217 DSC05216You all know we love F1 and it was great to see the cars.  There were also lovely old Mercedes in the museum and I will have to get the pictures from Youngest!  We then went for Sunday dinner and got home around 7.00pm.  The weather had been great with lots of sunshine and no rain although it was cold. 

I managed to get to Nottingham today and finally get the cotton I needed for the quilt I need to finish and a few other bits and fortunately I had just got back to take delivery of a new basket for Treacle. 

DSC05222I managed to get her inner bits washed so it was all nice and clean for her.

DSC05223At this angle it looks too small for her but its just the angle.  When I put the inner in, she hopped in and went to sleep!  This basket will go in Youngest’s room and her bigger basket will be back downstairs next to my desk.

Tomorrow she is going in for her procedure, so I ensured that Teddy also had a spa day so that she can take him with her tomorrow for when she wakes up.  Youngest is a bit nervous of her going, as we all are, and we will all be glad when I go and collect her in the evening.

Revision for the exams is swinging into high gear now!!!!!!!!

I hope you are having a marvelous Monday.

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    What did I miss??? What procedure is Treacle having?? Praying all goes well and she will be sleeping comfortably in her new basket tonight in Youngest’s room tonight! Sounds like you had a great weekend – love the cars!!! What a blast for Youngest!! Today is Tax Day in the U.S. and I am at my dad’s house trying to help him with everything as he still prepares tax returns for clients (I told him that he retired in August and this just cannot go on!). It is lovely here – 80 degrees and sunny, with a very light wind!! As I mowed the lawn, it was sweating hot!!!

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